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Birth and Death:

Brahmagupta was born in 598, possibly in Ujjain India, and died in 670 in India.
Brahmagupta was born, possibly, in Ujjain, India. Not much is known about where he lived during his life.
During his Life:
During Brahmagupta's life he wrote two books, Brahmasphutasiddhanta, and Khandakhadyaka. His first book, translated to English, means The Opening of The Universe.
Brahmagupta's Theories:
Most of Brahmagupta's works were about arithmetic and algebra. One of his theories that was never accepted was that "When positive or negative numbers are divided by zero, it becomes a fraction with zero as the denominator. When zero is divided by positive or negative numbers it is either zero or a fraction expressed as zero as the numerator and the finite quality as the denominator. Zero divided by zero is zero."(Brahmagupta, 645) These ideas were never accepted by the mathematical community for whatever reason they may have had.
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